29 December 2021 Valerie Adolff

A way to build a confident self-care practise

valerie adolff self care practise

Your story

Yesterday I read a well-wishing for an anniversary saying “when you were born, you started to write your story and for all people around, you changed their story.” How true!

In every moment we write our history and, above all, every end of the year and beginning of the next gives us the opportunity to let go of the past and open new doors offering opportunities to learn.

Find in this article some ways to write your year 2022.

Review of the year

For some years now I take time to review my year. It is for me a way to build a confident self-care practise and being aware to finalize the year with kindness. It makes me reflect on my challenges, my success, my relationship with others and it gives me the opportunity to learn about my blind spots.

Furthermore, it activates my body consciousness, satisfying the need to balance my level of energy and readjusting my personal training for the next milestones to walk.

Dr. Daniel Siegel writes in his last book “Mindsight” about the effect self-care practises have on our emotional and physical health. His research shows how self-care practises teach us to connect to our core, make us understand why we act the way we do and how we can stop harmful (thought) pattern.

We influence our story

The way we think, will influence the way we act. The way we act, will foster our relationship with nature and others around us. Due to our ability to perceive ourselves and our surrounding, we can adapt our way to think and our way to act.

As our body expressed it’s needs and we can adapt to these needs, it depends on our consciousness to act towards our wellbeing, leaving behind harmful habits.

One of the efficient ways is pausing for self-reflection, body-mind-balance and re-directing our acts with conscious decision taking. Therefore, taking time for a review of the year is wonderful. In December it is cold outside and it gets dark earlier. The perfect time for a tea in hand, journal and pen on the table. It enables to write my story of the year. It gives me energy, makes me feel satisfied, confident and held by a frame, especially in uncertain times. If I don’t acknowledge my achievements, my best moments, the overcome of challenges and who has been with me through hard times, the information and physical sensations vanish into thin air and the learning is gone.

“What you are searching for, is already in you.” says the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

Therefore, I want to be conscious of my autenticity, present to take a bigger picture on what is going on and be kind to my anterior versions. They did not know what if have learnt today.

Are you happy with your year 2021?

I invite you to write your story of this year in some sentences. You might like to write it in the form of a tale. Therefore, you choose a person, an object and a place that represents or influenced your 2021. And with these 3 ingredients you write about your story:

If you prefer to take a reflection on the impact and change in the different areas of your life you might have a look at these and pick out which area was mostly influenced by 2021:

  • Your family life
  • Your professional development, either working or studying
  • Your friends and new people you met this year
  • Your love and close relationship
  • Your rest, hobbies, creativity
  • Your financial frame
  • Your emotional and spiritual growth

the yearcompass notebook

The Hungarian Year Compass team has developed a nice notebook that allows you to reflect on your year and plan your next year guided by questions. You can download the notebook for free here. It is the most complete guide I know. You might like to write on one page every day until beginning of 2022 or take a full day for the entire version.

Being authentic myself

I am happy with my year 2021, because of my commitment with myself, with others and nature. A friend of mine said that he admires my discipline. I would say today that I need reflexion for my emotional and physical growth. I would not have been able to face challenges in my life without it.

Thank you for all of you who gave me support in 2021, who trusted in my work, gave me the opportunity to learn, to communicate better and to define new my limits.

Alice Edy, artist, presented in Creative Mornings her Imposter Syndrome Club: “the impostor syndrome is awesome, because it means you are playing at the edge of your definition, rewriting the boundaries of who you are.”

And this is why I am happy with my year 2021: I have been able to rewrite the boundaries of who I am!

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