25 March 2021 Valerie Adolff

Body awareness for stress reduction

Body attention in Talent your Self

When I talk about body awareness, I refer to paying attention to your body. Get curious: how do you feel now, are you sitting, standing or walking? Do you feel fresh and light, heavy and exhausted, stressed and nervous – or you don’t know?

What means you don’t know?  It means that you were thinking about something else, being bored, not being able to concentrate or in your auto-pilot mode?

This happens very often to us. We do something and at the same time we think something else. We might be worring about the future or still occupied by what happened in the past. This keeps us stuck in another place that is not here and now.

In the here and now, we are present. We can focus on what we want, concentrate on what is important to us and follow what we said we were going to do. We can talk with somebody else without being distracted. It is free of stress. We can relax.

One client describes her experience of the sessions as following:

“Meeting Valerie and attending her sessions has helped me learn to relax by listening to my body. To recognise
when it is in tension, to know how to stop, to rest, and through exercises to feel a sense of well-being.
It has helped me to connect mind and body in a way I didn’t know before. It’s not an easy path when you have always walked without
without taking this connection into account, always under tension without stopping. Now it’s time to create habits that will help me to
enjoy the tranquillity of the moment”.

I invite you to a short practise. See how you feel afterwards.


(Credit: kal-visuals-aK4iPNYipnU-unsplash.com)