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lenguaje corporal que inspira comunicacion sana Valerie Adolff
Valerie Adolff Talent your world Lenguaje corporal comunicacion sana
07 Sep 2021

How to achieve healthy communication

Is it body language that leads to healthy communication? "55% of our language in conversation is non-verbal" says Albert Mehrabian, author of the book "non-verbal communication" and researcher of our non-verbal behaviour. And if much of our communication is unconscious, it is also unconscious in our ability to make decisions. Allan and Barbara Pease support the reader in their book…

improve communication skills
talent your relationships Conflicts do not have to stay stuck. We can learn practises for improving communication that foster our emotional intelligence when it comes to understanding beyond words.
04 Jan 2021

Communicating with autenticity

Manuela has a good relationship with her daughter Paula. They are both funny, curious and enjoy doing things together. Things became more complicated after the separation, not just due to the issue of time management. Paula notices that Manuela has less time for her, and, aged 12 she’s also starting to experience her first teenage mood swings. Sometimes they both…