My Approach

Using my talents to activate yours

Since I was a child I have been fascinated by the way people interact. My interest led me to observe difficult situations, and my capacity for empathic listening meant that I often took on the role of the mediator. I have always worked around people: as a student in cafés, post-studies in tourism, in HR and in project management of several multinational companies.

When I had to quit my job because of a burn-out at 28, it was the best thing that could have happened to me, because it made me take some time to stop and reflect.

At that point, I made an important decision to change my life and take care of my well-being through a better life-work-balance. I began to study bodywork, emotional intelligence and social skills in a search of sustainable ways of coping with stress.

I soon began to learn how to deal with my talents and the highly sensitive nature of my own body as much as how to balance coping with stress and emotional hijacks. This was a good way to overcome certain mind-sets that I had been accustomed to.

This process completely transformed my daily life and relationships with others.

Then a bit later on, when my son entered adolescence, we had to tackle complex family conflicts. A systemic approach enriched our communication and led the way for a loving experience that would transform and stabilize our household and family life for years to come.

In addition to almost 20 years in somatic bodywork guiding individuals in their processes, I have also spent the last 6 years working with groups including universities and international organizations. I have been privileged to participate in so many kinds of learning journeys. I get excited about breaking down the barriers we have built over time between each other and ourselves.

I love working to improve communication between generations or departments and I feel privileged to offer my talents to activate yours.

Whether you are seeking personal development or team building, I would be honored to be part of your process.