I help clients to adapt to new circumstances in life by guiding them to discover their personal strengths and abilities. Through an innovative somatic approach, this work empowers people to face life’s challenges, by changing habits and improving their health. It is a transformative leadership experience.

Talent Your Body

Transform imbalances into strengths by focusing on the health of your body, learning tools for coping with stress and accelerating your recovery process after injury.

If you suffer from physical imbalances and you wish to free yourself from harmful physical routines and instead foster your well-being, this program is for you!

8-week-program, face-to-face sessions.

Talent Your Self

Empower your perspective through this totally customized personal development process. This work helps you to break through limiting beliefs and habits to effect long-lasting change.

If you wish to enhance your potential, stop the frustration or worry loop and instead enable a satisfying experience at home and at work, you will love this work.

8-week-program, face-to-face and online sessions.