14 June 2023 Valerie Adolff

Self knowledge for entrepreneurs

Get your feet on the ground prodigious mind

Entrepreneurs go through different phases in their entrepreneurship. Sometimes it is not so easy to start out on your own, and it can be a very exhausting effort. If at times we can be supported in our journey, it takes us out of a limited perspective and also enhances our talents.
Emodiment coaching is beneficial for restless minds, prodigious minds that need more grounding and anchoring as well as for all innovative people, because it is a collaboration of mind and body.
I happily share here the benefits of self-knowledge and the approach of embodiment coaching sessions:

1. Passions and purpose:

Self-knowledge helps people understand their passions, values and purpose in life. It enables them to align their choices, actions and goals with their authentic self, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. The body contains this information unconsciously. Through embodiment coaching it becomes visible.

2. Improved decision-making:

Self-awareness improves decision-making skills by providing people with a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and preferences. It enables them to make decisions that are aligned with their values, goals and overall well-being.
There is a close relationship between different areas of the body and our personal qualities. In a embodiment coaching process you learn to create alignment between what you know about yourself, what you feel and how you express it.

3. Self-confidence and empowerment:

Knowing yourself increases your confidence and self-esteem. People with self-knowledge have a better understanding of their abilities, qualities and potential, which enables them to take on challenges, overcome obstacles and pursue personal growth with confidence. In the body, confidence increases with your physical strength, openness in your position and a high energy level.

4. Better relationships:

Self-awareness improves interpersonal relationships. By understanding your own needs, emotions and communication styles, you can build healthier and more authentic relationships with others. You can also develop empathy, understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of others, leading to more satisfying relationships. In embodiment coaching you will learn to trust your intuition more, know how to set boundaries where necessary and open yourself to healthy relationships.

5. Effective leadership:

Self-awareness is a crucial component of effective leadership. Leaders who have a deep understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, values and motivations can lead with authenticity, inspire others and make sound decisions that align with their vision and mission. In a body coaching process we will put special emphasis on body language in different leadership situations.

6. Stress management and well-being:

Self-awareness enables you to recognise and effectively manage your stress triggers, emotions and automatic reactions. If you practice better self-care, self-compassion and resilience, it will lead to greater overall well-being and a healthier work-life balance. During the embodiment process I will develop a personalised plan for you.

7. Adaptability and continuous learning:

Self-awareness will help you identify your areas of growth and development. It encourages a growth mindset, invites you to embrace change, seek new opportunities and continuously learn and improve. Just what you need as a natural entrepreneur. Embodiment coaching focuses on a high level of energy by activating the areas where creativity is activated.

8. Management of patterns, beliefs and obstacles:

In every “hero’s journey” there are patterns, beliefs and behaviours that may be holding you back, so identifying and managing them will allow you to make positive changes and evolve as an individual.
The body is a good ally in this, because it can show us that the head can lead us into fiction, while the body is the feet that anchor us to the present moment. It is an essential part of embodiment coaching.

9. Goal achievement:

Self-awareness facilitates effective goal setting and achievement. By understanding your values, motivations and strengths, you can set realistic and meaningful goals, develop action plans and stay focused and motivated to achieve them. One of the great benefits of embodiment coaching is balancing the ups and downs that can come from the space of “not knowing” or patience when things are not going as fast as we expect them to.

10. Authenticity and well-being:

Self-awareness encourages living authentically and in alignment with your true self. This alignment promotes overall well-being, reduces inner conflicts and increases overall satisfaction and contentment with life. Body coaching increases the sense of where I come from and where I am going because it un-tapes body memory and allows us to let go of what we no longer need today.
It is a great physical-emotional break.

Embark on your path – a process of self-knowledge through the body.
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(credit: Bruce Mars @unsplash.com)