25 April 2023 Valerie Adolff

Sustainable collaboration in multigenerational teams

In-company workshops

Mostly when I am asked to hold a workshop, I have a conversation before with the HR department or the team leader so to understand better what the team really needs. Because it could be that what is needed is not visible on the first sight and in a conversation, we find out what works best for the learner.

What do I offer that is innovative?

My workshops are a real experience. First you get the framework, so that you will know how we will approach the issue or skill you wish to learn. Then we start directly into why it is available to you every day and how you can practise it without putting a lot of effort. I share during the time exercises, tricks and tips that you can repeat easily as you will receive the material, links and audios that can help you to train.

Any new skill needs an understanding and a direct experience, so you can not only understand, but you feel in your own body the effect of it. And some skills like social intelligence needs a safe place of learning with people willing to try it out and expand their perspectives sharing their impression in a respectful way with others. The results are amazing, as I see my participants growing in motivation, self-knowledge and confidence during the time we spend together.

What makes a team sustainable?

Selfcare and emotional balance is a must for every worker and essential for the health of the team. If you wish your team to be sustainable and accountable, the basics for their mental, physical and emotional health needs to be covered. The leadership of tomorrow is influenced by BANI, a new work experience in which old rules and values no longer apply. Multigenerational and multicultural teams will need to learn new skills of emotional and social intelligence to learn how to communicate best and enhance their collaboration.

Here is a list of my current workshops, but I am happy to write one for your specific needs in your team:

  • Emotional intelligence for daily life
  • Trust building in teams (and between departments)
  • Kick ass and get things done
  • Curiosity for better performance
  • Sustainable YOU (selfcare practises)
  • Unconscious bias at work
  • Body talks for better communication

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