What to expect from TALENT YOUR WORLD

I am happy to welcome you to my approach and honoured to be a help on your path. You will be the protagonist of this journey, a transformative journey similar to Joseph Campell’s “The journey of the hero” in which you start at the very present moment. You will need the courage to leave your comfort zone, but life brings changes and this is probably the reason you arrive here. Probably something important happened that obliges you to take a decision.

I will provide you tools for self-knowledge and defying adversity. Our common space will be a safe place for learning. It is the experience of new options and based on your motivation. It will need your open mind, open heart and open will to step out of your familiar patterns into a personal development process. The experience will lead you to look at yourself with fresh eyes. It helps you to observe situations from different perspectives. It fosters your own perception and engages your learning coping with constant change in life.

In case you wish to improve your communication skills, together with a family member, each of you will experience its own and the other’s perspective. This activates your listening with empathy. And it allows you to stop rushing into repetitive patterns of behaviour, that create always the same unsatisfying outcome.

The innovation and health of teams is revealed when you connect through mindful communication, creating a space of trust and social wellbeing. You will experience these in my team building activities. It does not mean that everything has to be happy and harmonic only, but that you foster the best version of each of the team, which allows the whole group to grow and develop a much better performance within each context.

Any of these transformation journeys require the disposition to step into the unknown and in some way uncomfortable moment, being the source of the learning process.

We cannot expect new outcome, if we always repeat the same communication routines. A transformational journey offers you a return to your Self getting empowered through experience.

Let’s start the journey, come and join me!