Talent your world for gifted adults
11 Feb 2021

Smart adults – an approach to maximising your potential

In the last 15 years I started working with people who showed exceptional qualities and weaknesses and was invited to write down their common domains. I read books by researchers specialising in people intelligence and neuroscience such as Howard Gardner, Gerald Hüther and Mary Elaine Jacobsen to compare the issues discussed with the issues that concern my clients. Since then…

improve communication skills
talent your relationships Conflicts do not have to stay stuck. We can learn practises for improving communication that foster our emotional intelligence when it comes to understanding beyond words.
04 Jan 2021

Communicating with autenticity

Manuela has a good relationship with her daughter Paula. They are both funny, curious and enjoy doing things together. Things became more complicated after the separation, not just due to the issue of time management. Paula notices that Manuela has less time for her, and, aged 12 she’s also starting to experience her first teenage mood swings. Sometimes they both…